ISABC Pro-D Day 2020 - York House has ended

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Friday, February 14

8:30am PST

10:00am PST

Climbing the Ladder of Reading: Enrichment for those who leap JS 106FULLNancy Young Intertextuality: Understanding complex relationships SS 109LIMITEDMichelle Flintermann What's Your Issue? Using poetry to take action on issues that matter to us. SS 308FILLINGSara Sjerven Introduction to Robotics, MakeCode, and the BBC micro:bit JS 116 (STEAM)FILLINGTara Avenia Know It? Show It! - Using Tech To Share Learning JS 202FULLAndrew Murray Tech & Design Integration through cross-curricular collaboration JS 208LIMITEDPaulina Lam Using technology to promote student reflection. SS 304FULLCristina Leo • Pam McMartin Creating Life Long Learners Using the Core Competencies SS 310FULLLiz Everett • Jasmine Scherz Digital Addiction: Finding Balance in a Digital Age SS 217FULLStephanie Brook • Nicola Doughty ISABC Human and Civil Rights Educational Working Group SS 111LIMITEDJoyce Kim Starting a student-run recycling and composting program in your school SS 218LIMITEDAnna Scouten Teen View: Why are your parents scared of Social Media? SS Qin Board Room 306FILLINGSimon Noakes Strategies for making Economics and Business Education Engaging subjects. SS 110LIMITEDGraham Lilly Be a Math Rebel: Inquiry Maths in Your Classroom JS 101FULLSamantha Good • Susan Hammerberg Early Literacy ~ Building a Strong Foundation SS Bentley 015FILLINGTiffani Weaver CALM - Classroom Adaptations for Learning Mindfully. SS Learning Commons 216FILLINGKate Landreth • Nicole McLellan Collaborative Conversations: The Power of Words JS Learning Commons 201FILLINGCarol Ann Fried Contemplative Practices and Mathematics Classroom SS 220FILLINGMax Sterelyukhin How Social Stories Support SEL Development in all Students JS 211FILLINGHannah McCormack • Jamie Morris • Jessica Silberg Superheros of Physical Literacy Dance Party Dance StudioLIMITEDBrooke Yantzi The Secrets to Improve Your Own Teacher Wellness SS Band Room 046FILLINGMatt Dochniak Cross-curricular Learning Through Art Integration SS 221FULLCatriona Gordon • Cindy Schreyer Dirty Aprons, Bright Ideas: Bridging curriculum and cuisine Mira's KitchenLIMITEDRachel Garneau Enriching Your Teaching through Diverse Experiential Activities Outdoors JS 120LIMITEDDustin Bright • Erin Leckie Making Interdisciplinary Place-Based Learning Doable JS 212LIMITEDKaren Birchenall • Cathy Clegg • Tanja Scott Mindset Shift: Build your school plan for a culture of innovation SS 205LIMITEDHélène Fournier First Peoples Principles of Learning Round table Share JS 204LIMITEDMontanna Howe Athletic Directors Best Practices Round Table SS 301LIMITEDChris Blackman • David Prissinotti Laser Cutting, Fabrication, and the Design Process in the classroom SS 117 (STEAM LAB)LIMITEDBrad Ingimundson Tips on using Google Maps/Earth that are 'out of this world!'' JS 207LIMITEDGeoffrey Jones ISABC Outdoor Educators Round Table JS 205LIMITEDRobin Friesen Learning all about SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) SS 215FULLSkyler • Madisen • Skipper Lightyear Leadership: tools for personal development and self-leadership SS 302LIMITEDThea Gow-Jarrett Understanding and Managing School Stress SS 112FULLTamara Lechner Creative Writing: Strategies for Courses Created to Meet New BC Curriculum Objectives JS 217LIMITEDSusan MacDonald • Janice McCachen

11:15am PST

Climbing the Ladder of Reading: Enrichment for those who leap JS 106FILLINGNancy Young Strategies for Integrating Environmental and Green Chemistry in BC’s new chemistry 11 and 12 curriculum SS 203LIMITEDAmel Misbah Creating positive student attitudes towards assessment. SS 109FULLBen Tait Peer Review Power - Enhancing the Feedback Process with Peergrade SS 308FULLKevin Piers The Power of Storytelling: Using Clips to Communicate Ideas SS 304FULLCristina Leo • Stephanie Davis • Claire Lin Reading is Essential! Reading habits and attitudes of middle grade boys JS 101FULLElizabeth Walker Cyber Ready Class Toolkit for Grades 4 - 7 JS 202FILLINGColin Robertson How Do We Foster Social Responsibility in Young Children Using Design Thinking? JS 116 (STEAM)FULLjennifer sharpe Preparing for Tomorrow Today SS Qin Board Room 306LIMITEDSimon Noakes Supporting Student Climate Action SS 310FULLSue Barzo • Jasmine Hare The Futures Project: Preparing for disruptive change in education BentleyFULLBob Snowden Math Department Heads Round Table SS 218LIMITEDHeather Morris MYP Design/Industrial Design Roundtable JS 211LIMITEDGraham Gilley • Charlotte Patterson Project based learning in math SS 220FULLJulie Lane • Irit Uzan Exercise and the Brain – Strategies to put research into action to promote an optimal learning environment for students. SS Band Room 046FILLINGNikki Kaufmann Mental Health Literacy: Managing Mental Health Distress in Classrooms SS 217FULLNicola Doughty • Jamie Morris • Tatjana Jansen Superheros of Physical Literacy Dance Party Dance StudioLIMITEDBrooke Yantzi Yes! Staying Positive Feeling Good and Having Fun JS Learning Commons 201FULLCarol Ann Fried Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Kids JS (East) GymFULLKeira Louis Easy Art Lessons around the Elements and Principles of Design JS 115FILLINGNicola Read Language Education (LEd) 3.0 (previously known as FrEd/LEd) SS 111LIMITEDHazel Chee • Heike Beer • Patrice Dixon • Andrea Harris • Rhea Lofstrom

12:45pm PST

1:30pm PST

A Rights-Integrated Approach to Literacy Instruction in the Primary Grades JS 211FILLINGSarah Peltier A Student-Driven Classroom: Transforming Students’ Ideas into Learning Opportunities. JS 101FILLINGLise Middleton • Marysia Parry Climbing the Ladder of Reading: Enrichment for those who leap JS 106LIMITEDNancy Young Executive Function: Thinking About How to Learn BentleyFILLINGErin Kline Learning In Depth: Long-term Curiosity Projects SS 112LIMITEDMelissa Pipes • Charlotte Hagedorn • Stephanie Chatman Student-Centred Teaching for Community-Centred Impact JS 116 (STEAM)LIMITEDMichaela Slinger • Alice Henry • Marnie Olson Teaching Story Structure Through Drama SS 119FILLINGPatricia Brooke • Devon Edmondson Visualization Tasks in Math Class SS 220FILLINGMelissa Herman Augmented and Virtual Reality in the K-7 Classroom JS Learning Commons 201LIMITED@kateanthony2006 • Rikki Da Costa Better Film Skills for More Meaningful Videos SS 302FILLINGDave Hlannon Grading in a content-based, competency driven classroom. SS Learning Commons 216LIMITEDMathew Geddes Using the Design process to 3D Model in Sketchup for Schools JS 208LIMITEDPatrick Macmaster Using Number Talks in the Blended Learning Classroom SS 215FILLINGClaire Mills • Helen Zhai We Are All One Book - The Power of a Whole School Novel SS 203LIMITEDJoyce Kim • Carmen Moser Community Learning Exchange: Disrupting the Grammar of Schooling. SS 109LIMITEDMichael Palmer Developing instructional control in your classroom using the Yes/Yes policy JS 202FILLINGAndree Mellanby • Anna Scouten Eight Challenges Facing Independent Schools and What To Do About Them SS 304FILLINGAshka Wirk • Shelly Berlin Supporting Student Climate Action SS 310FILLINGSue Barzo • Jasmine Hare The Futures Project for teams of leaders and staff SS 110LIMITEDBob Snowden Personal Counsellors Roundtable SS 217FILLINGNicola Doughty Physics 12: Curricular What? SS 202LIMITEDEdel Vo Student Life Round Table Sessions SS 218LIMITEDRick Campanella ISA Athletic Directors Meeting SS 301LIMITEDDavid Prissinotti Leading Strategies for Hiring the Safest Staff SS Qin Board Room 306LIMITEDNicole Mann • Avery Mann Breathwork in the Classroom JS 204FULLElyse Cochrane Dance and Mental Health Dance StudioFILLINGBrooke Yantzi Learned Helplessness vs. Student Empowerment SS 204FULLSukhwinder Sandhu LGBTQ+ In The Classroom JS 207FILLINGRebecca Brunswick Positive Psychology in the Classroom SS 308FULLPerry Harder • Brodan Thiel Social Emotional Strategies for a Happy Classroom TheatreLIMITEDCally Bailey